Oak Trusses & Oak Roof structures

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An impressive roof structure enhances any property. We often include trusses in the designs of our Oak frame houses for both structural need and aesthetic appeal. An Oak truss can completely change the look and feel of a room The exposed timber of Oak Truss adds warmth, strength and character to your property. We can design, supply and build Oak roof structure using mainly green but also air-dried oak. Each piece of timber is carefully selected from our own stocks to suit each job. From exposed King post or Queen post trusses to Cruck frames, purlins and rafters. We use traditional Oak Carpentry as well as stainless steel plated connections & rods.

We can craft and erect most sizes trusses. We can deliver them assembled, ready for installation or dismantled, in parts.

We can supply Oak Trusses with span up to 8 m, specific curved components, tie curved bracing, queen posts and arch bracing.

The following are only some examples of Oak trusses Kolbon OAK Carpentry has designed for clients in the past and include some of the more "Classic" truss designs.

We can provide design consultancy services and produce a CAD section drawing to show the trusses and their relationship to other components.

Please just contact us to discuss your desires for truss design- well do the rest.