Artisans of Oak Frames

We're makers of Oak framed garages, garden rooms, stables and many more...

Welcome to Kolbon Oak Carpentry

The team working at Kolbon is experienced, highly qualified in the area of timber buildings and committed to create an excellent structure. Through our work we promote the durability, uniqueness and the beauty of garden rooms and other projects.

Our designing process is focused on meeting our Client's expectations in a creative way.

That is why we are experts in this area. Our company can create home additions tailored to your house's design, spacious and solid garages or even highly beautiful as well as functional stables and many more constructions. Craftsmanship, high quality timber and the best methods of production is what makes our services so unique.

We specialize in design and construction of oak framed buildings as well as various home extensions. Amongst our comprehensive projects and services you can find: modern and traditional houses, garages, trusses, garden rooms, augmentations (i.e. porches), restoration of oak timber, conversions of barns, other architectures, such as stables, home offices, swimming pools, gazebos and more.

What makes Kolbon Oak Carpentry Different?

Our services are unique as a result of their solid base:



Experience in designing and constructing

Attention to detail


These characteristic features are a guarantee that each timber framed construction or home extension will be of the highest quality.

We believe in and support the concept of responsible building

We use natural resources and recycle waste whenever possible. At Kolbon we source oak exclusively from well managed forests because we truly believe in environmental sustainability. We are committed to the manufacturing of beautiful, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings.